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African spotted Eagle Owl - Bubo africanusKestrel - Falco tinnunculusCaterpiller of the Elephant hawkmoth - Deilephila elpenorAfrican spotted Eagle Owl - Bubo africanusLanner falcon - Falco biarmicusPeregrine falcon - Falco peregrinusAfrican spotted Eagle Owl - Bubo africanusSouthern hawker - Aeshna cyaneaMeadow grasshopper - Chorthippus brunneusScorpion fly - Panorpa communis (male)Meadow grasshopper - Chorthippus brunneusHornet hoverfly - Volucella zonariaGyr x saker - Falco rusticolus x cherrugGarden cross spider - Araneus diadematus with Honey bee -  Apis melliferaEmerald damselfly - Lestes sponsaCrab spider - Misumena vatiaCommon darter - Sympetrum striolatumCommon blue - Polyommatus icarusCommon blue - Polyommatus icarusCaterpiller of the Buff-tip moth - Phalera bucephala

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