Andrew Wright(non-registered)
Hi, I found your website through flikr, and find your images absolutely brilliant, I was just working through them and have to say the favourites I have ticked are a small proportion of the total I could go on.
The website is very well presented, and is a fine example of the correct way to show your work. Lovely.
I wasn’t aware of the Llanelli wetlands, and hopefully may get to visit in the spring.

Regards Andrew Wright
Steve Cook(non-registered)
Great photos, I was at the International Birds of Prey Centre on the same day as you and wondered if I caught a snap of you and your photographer collegues.
Mark Johnson(non-registered)
You keep coming up with stunning photos of common and not so common birds and wild life.

Its always a pleasure to see your work.

Thanks for inspiration.............

Janis Gascoigne(non-registered)
What a fantastic website Wayne. Your photography work is outstanding and you have a great selection of wildlife to look at. Keep up the good work, really enjoy looking through them.
glenn slade(non-registered)
just had a look at your recent stuff its marvelous thanks wayne. by the way we were out at a place called white springs near pontardulias and we saw a red kite I think its nesting there some fab shots could be had good luck mate see yer
Diane Cutting(non-registered)
WOW Wayne - am very impressed by your web-site. I have thoroughly enjoyed my visit, keep up your excellent work.
Glenn Slade(non-registered)
Hi m8 we havnt worked together for a while so I just been browsing your site and im just as amased as I was the 1st time I looked just keep doing what you do best, and thank you for the fantastic photos of the lapwing-peewit.simply brilliant.
Mark Hope(non-registered)
Hello Wayne. You have some wonderful photographs on your website. I live in Ayrshire so if there's ever you're up here in Scotland and I can help you with anything don't hesitate to get in touch beforehand. I was down your way a few years ago on a week's holiday and went to Skomer for Chough and the firing range (whose name I've forgotten - maybe Castle Martin?) near Pembroke for Dartford Warblers. I managed to see both but the resulting photographs weren't much good.

Anyway, all the best with your first rate website!
Quality at the highest level pleasure to look at over and over again.Top draw
John Freeman(non-registered)
Hi Wayne. Great meeting up with you again.Excellent photography Wayne, a pleasure looking through your work.

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