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Little owl - Athene noctuaThe Green or Mexican Violetear - Colibri thalassinusScarlet macaw - Ara macaoPuma - Puma concolorGrey-tailed mountaingem - Lampornis cinereicauda (female)Black-tailed skimmer - Orthetrum cancellatumBuzzard - Buteo buteoSaker falcon - Falco cherrugBarn owl - Tyto albaGreat horned owl - Bubo virginianusHobby - Falco subbuteoScorpion fly - Panorpa communis (male)Ruby-tailed wasp - Chrysis ignitaSpeckled wood - Pararge aegeriaBarn owl - Tyto albaRed kite - Milvus milvusBarn owl - Tyto albaYellowhammer - Emberiza citrinellaYellowhammer - Emberiza citrinellaPeregrine falcon - Falco peregrinus

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thans for your photograps,it's very becauterful,,,,thanks godness.,thanks your effort and your passion。 I wish i can learning english better . thans your shareing .i come from china,
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