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Black-tailed godwit - Limosa limosaCurlew - Numenius arquataShelduck - Tadorna tadornaBlack-tailed godwit - Limosa limosaTufted duck - Aythya fuligulaShelduck - Tadorna tadornaMallard - Anas platyrhynchosGreylag goose - Anser anserBlack-tailed godwit - Limosa limosaGreylag goose - Anser anserShelduck - Tadorna tadornaTufted duck - Aythya fuligulaGreylag goose - Anser anserMute swan - Cygnus olorLapwing - Vanellus vanellus and Golden plover - Pluvialis apricariaMallard - Anas platyrhynchosMute swan - Cygnus olorPintail - Anas acutaBittern - Botaurus stellarisMute swan - Cygnus olor

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Guestbook for December 2011
Dennis Russ(non-registered)
Well it is easy to see that you don't need a better lens or camera. Great shots as always. I must go and get some more Red Kites before Xmas. Keep up the Good Work.
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