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Lesser snow goose - Anser caerulescens caerulescensBar headed goose - Anser indicusBullfinch - Pyrrhula pyrrhula (female)Heron - Ardea cinereaBullfinch - Pyrrhula pyrrhulaGreylag goose - Anser anserBullfinch - Pyrrhula pyrrhulaGreylag goose - Anser anserChaffinch - Fringilla coelebsGreylag goose - Anser anserLittle egret - egretta garzettaAmerican Wood Duck - Aix sponsaGreylag goose - Anser anserGreylag goose - Anser anserLittle egret - Egretta garzettaRedwing - Turdus iliacusGoosander - Mergus merganserBlue tit - Parus caeruleusBullfinch - Pyrrhula pyrrhulaGreat tit - Parus major

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Dennis Russ(non-registered)
Great images as always Wayne..Love that single Goose in flight. Detail is great. Well Done.
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